Mokahum Students Attend Founders Week | Moody Bible Institute’s Founders Week, Chicago, IL 2016

The Mokahum staff and students had the privilege of attending Moody Founders Week in Chicago, Illinois. The Bible conference theme this year was “There Is No One Like Him.” It was awesome for our students to experience worshipping and learning in a multicultural setting with more than 5,000 believers from all over the world.IMG_0296



Missions Trip to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Please be praying for Leo, and three of our students who are heading to the reservation out in Pine Ridge, SD.  They will be there this week!

A note from Leo,

Mokahum Ministry Center would appreciate your Prayers for the students and myself as we are scheduled to speak at a Church in Detroit Lakes, MN. Nov. 1 and from there, travel to Manderson on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Sioux country where we will be ministering during the day and having nightly services for 3 nights.

Dio White Face, a student from the Pine Ridge area will be speaking. Jeremiah Peters, Ojibwa from Canada will be sharing his testimony, and I will be speaking as well. We would like you to Pray for doors to be open and hearts prepared to receive the Gospel in a very difficult place.

We will be there from Nov.3-5 God Bless

Here is a picture from the trip the students took with Leo and the Williams family last year to Pine Ridge.

Mission trip to pine ridge 2014
Thank You! We hope to update you upon their return.


Mokahum Ministry Students and staff traveled to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota for a Mission Trip on March 19-22.

On our arrival in the late evening we were able to watch two teams which our student was preparing them for a major basketball tournament.

After practice we were asked to attend a wake for one of two girls who committed suicide a few days earlier, she was 14. It was a brokenness in us as we paid our respects to the family that night.

The next day began with a tour of Wounded Knee where a Mass grave sight of Native Americans, which was very sad. I am thankful for out students here at Mokahum for getting the experience to interact with the elders as well with the youth of Gospel Fellowship which inbraced us like family which was Awesome. We had evening services with good food and fellowship with one another, encouraging each other to hold on to the faith it was a Great Mission Trip.

Thank Your for your Prayers God Bless

“…My Time in Minnesota” | Discipleship Student Testimony by Domineke Garcia

It was a huge challenge to be at Mokahum Ministry Center. I was so far away from home for quite a bit of time. I dealt with a lot of homesickness. I had to adjust to living with a different family that were complete strangers and I also had to relearn what it was like living with a baby in the house because the last time I had lived with a baby, yeah, that was about 17 years ago. I was the only girl on campus and in almost all of my classes so it was hard at times, not having someone to relate to in ways only girls can. It was definitely a struggle having to get used to a schedule all over again. I dealt with one of the most difficult losses that I have ever encountered, a three year friendship that had gone to ruins. There were many other struggles, some bigger and also private, as well as some smaller and not need any mentioning of. I was challenged many times by my mentor and other staff as well. Challenged in ways that allowed myself to think differently and also to be able to learn from whatever was going on.

Throughout the year though, I had learned plenty. I didn’t only gain biblical knowledge, learn more about ministry and get a better understanding of where I stood in my relationship with Christ, no. I learned a lot about life, the lives of and relationships with others, my own character. I was able to get a better grasp on what it meant to really earn something. I was able to relearn what it was like to help, serve, work with and work for others with a sincere heart, the heart of Jesus. I learned more about my strengths, my weaknesses, where I’m most vulnerable and where I am most strong and passionate.I was blessed with some new friends, more church family and even stronger friendships.

There were times where I completely hated being there but there were also many times where I completely enjoyed it and had the best time ever.
Although my experience was an arduous one, I am still glad that I went. I’m proud of myself for being able to push through all of the negativity that came my way, to have endured and completed this roller-coaster of a year. It is a success story in my book of life and it is something that I glorify God in getting me through for it was by His strength, guidance, grace, mercy and love that gave me the ability to have growth from who and where I once was before I started, to who and where I am now that I have completed.”





  • About the writer: Domineke is a graduate of the one-year discipleship program at Mokahum Ministry Center. She just completed her year at Mokahum and graduated May 10. Now, she is home in Toppenish, WA, and has had time to reflect on the time she spent in Minnesota. Domineke is a part of the Yakama Nation and a Mexican heritage. She has been to Warrior Leadership Summit and On Eagles Wings, both are Native Ministry Opportunities for young adults.




Founder’s Week at Moody

Founder's Week at Moody

Founder’s Week
Like the Holy One who called you, be holy yourselves also in all your behavior.
1 Peter 1:15

Please join us for Founder’s Week 2014 as we explore the theme, “Be Holy”.

From Feb. 3–7 we will be reminded of the holiness of God and exhorted to exemplify this holiness in our own lives through biblical preaching, reverent worship and uplifting fellowship. Founder’s Week will be sure to encourage and inspire you.