Welcome! Mokahum Ministry Center is a discipleship training center for adults located in Northern Minnesota, on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation.

Our mission is bringing Native American people to life and maturity in Christ by equipping disciples and training leaders through culturally relevant biblical education, ministry training, and life skills.

Mokahum is an outreach of Oak Hills Center for Indian Ministries.Zane Williams

A Note from the Director

Mokahum Ministry Center’s purpose is bringing Native American people to life and maturity in Christ by equipping disciples and training leaders through culturally relevant biblical education, ministry training, and life skills development. Together with students from all over the United States and Canada, you can come to Mokahum to learn from veteran ministry leaders, develop your gifts in a local church, and build lifetime relationships.Mokahum Ministry Center has a long history as a residential ministry training facility.
It’s been rewarding to see firsthand how God has worked in the lives of the students who have received their discipleship and ministry certificates since our reopening in 2009. Our staff is committed to training tomorrow’s Native leaders today!
If you have a personal relationship with Christ, I invite you to consider being a student at Mokahum. Come just the way you are and see what God does in your life.
Zane Williams
Center for Indian Ministries Director

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